Spring Clearing

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Wish to Reset, Renew, Refresh and Restore ~a Nurse Practitioner’s Order

“LIVE LIFE WELL.” Yes, I know. Yes, I agree. The hard truth is that this strong message, suggestion, rule, overwhelms me. I might even admit that my commitment to, “LIVE LIFE WELL,” exhausts me. I keep trying, but I can’t do it completely. How about you?

Who decides that I am living life well?
What is the measurement of a life well lived?
Where do I live life well?

Certainly, like you, I aspire to receive the, “Live Life Well Award.” That honor would be a lifetime achievement indeed! However, I am almost positive that I could not accomplish ALL of the wellness requirements to earn that distinguished award. Especially, because the expectation would then be that I could then sustain these wellness practices throughout my entire life!

Here lies the prescription to PAUSE…

Let go of the mirror that reflects another person’s life or the perception of such. Celebrate the power to look within and LISTEN.

We are each innately gifted with the inner knowing of how to “LIVE LIFE WELL.” This gift is unique. It is shaped by life experiences and a deep sense of direction and purpose.

“LIVE LIFE WELL,” in partnership, not in isolation.
Identify and utilize the abundant resources surrounding you and the support of others who have knowledge and experience to help guide you on your journey.

A dedication to, “LIVE LIFE WELL,” does not vanish in the face of dis-ease. In fact, this commitment is most important during these challenging times. Living life well is an awareness and acceptance of the shift of our alignment.

Unfortunately, making the choice to, “LIVE LIFE WELL,” is often perceived as a luxury. In reality, when we make this commitment to ourselves a priority, we will have more to give to those we love and serve.

Spring is the perfect time to renew your commitment to, “Live Life Well,” in the ways that work for you, without adding more to-dos and stress. Here are a few ways you can begin…

  • Dedicate time to explore your personal vision of wellness ~social, physical, occupational, environmental, emotional, financial, spiritual and intellectual.
  • Trust and claim your intuition. Take time to reconnect with the inner voice and knowing. It will help guide your way.
  • Practice self-care.
  • Implement a small positive change.

“Living Life Well,” can only be defined by what it means to you. YOU are the root of wholistic/holistic care.
Focus on balancing the inner self with the constant changing spiral of one’s outer circle.

Wellness evolves.

~Shawn Polizzi

If you are seeking support to begin your journey back to a practice of self-care and wellness WISH is here for you. To book an initial consultation with Shawn please call (203) 871-1232

Shawn Polizzi is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and the Founder of WISH, LLC. Shawn is committed to health education and empowering women to be partners in their own healthcare and wellness.

The mission of WISH is to provide preventative and restorative health solutions to women and their families.

Shawn’s clinical management style blends health recommendations with the realities of women’s lives.

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