A unique women’s health practice where clinical management style blends health recommendations with the reality of women’s lives.


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Our Approach

Women’s Intuition and Self Healing is an integrative healthcare practice that was conceived from a pure wish to care for you. Rooted in preventative and restorative health options for females beginning at age 12, every client is offered a unique and spirited model of care that promises to enhance her well- being. The relationship between your heart, mind and body serves as the compass to your personalized plan.  You will receive health education and health promotion that will empower you to partner with your providers and achieve realistic goals.

Meet your practitioner

Shawn Polizzi

Shawn Polizzi is a certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with a special interest and expertise in the intricacies of how simply being a woman can affect health and disease. She is committed to health education and empowering women to be partners in their own healthcare and wellness. Her clinical management style blends health recommendations with the realities of women’s lives.