Women’s Intuition and Self Healing, LLC, is a private practice founded by Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Shawn Polizzi. The foundation of Women’s Intuition and Self Healing is rooted in preventative and restorative health options for women and their families. Each client is offered a unique and spirited model of care that promises to enhance the care already being received. Women’s Intuition and Self Healing embraces a healing experience that encompasses the power to heal each heart, mind and being through health education, health promotion and healthy decisions. The personalized plan of well -being encourages each person to achieve empowerment by establishing a partnership with her wellness providers while achieving realistic goals.

Women’s Intuition and Self Healing will grant your wish to…

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family
  • Address symptoms and side effects associated with cancer care
  • Achieve intimacy
  • Balance inner peace, nutrition and exercise.
  • Better understand your health and family history
  • Collaborate with a chorus of wellness providers
  • Care more about yourself
  • Desire an action plan to decrease your health risk associated with heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
  • Combat the negative effects of treatment associated with disease

Shawn Polizzi is a certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with a special interest and expertise in the intricacies of how simply being a woman can affect health and disease. She is committed to health education and empowering women to be partners in their own healthcare and wellness. Her clinical management style blends health recommendations with the realities of women's lives.

Shawn has been a valuable member of the healthcare system for 20 years. Her personal and professional life experiences have allowed her to be an advocate for the importance of integrating the traditional medical model and complementary therapies with the reality of each woman’s individual life story.

Shawn’s continued dedication to her patients and passion for the care she delivers has evolved into her designing a wellness model of care that focuses on the entire woman as a whole, inviting a physical, emotional and spiritual paradigm of health and healing unique to each client she serves. She is specifically interested in disease prevention and restorative care to women and their families. Shawn promotes intuitiveness and the ability of our minds and bodies to be accepting of wellness and healing. Shawn’s integrative wellness model of care functions in concert within each woman’s health care team. The model allows Shawn to offer her clients access to a full array of healing modalities to attain and maintain physical, spiritual and emotional health.

As a women’s health nurse practitioner, Shawn provides family focused health assessments, counseling, education and medication management to females with concerns related, but not limited to cancer and cancer risk, contraception, exercise, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, intimacy, menstrual issues, menopause, nutrition, and stress management. Shawn empowers her clients to make the best healthcare decisions by offering them knowledge and personalized resources that support unique needs.

In an effort to provide clients convenient access to the care they deserve without the complexities of travel, organizing family care, taking unnecessary time from work, etc., Shawn provides clients the option of meeting close to their home or in her office in Branford or East Haven.

Shawn is a member of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health. Shawn graduated from the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy Lauralton Hall in Milford, Connecticut where she formally recognized her interest in medicine. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development and women studies at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. Her experiences at Wheaton solidified her career in healthcare and her commitment to adolescent and women’s health. She graduated Marymount University School of Nursing. Shawn became a Women’s Health Nurse practitioner in 2002. She holds her Masters degree in Nursing from Drexel University.