Women’s Health Care

A comprehensive health assessment that combines your history and family history in your plan for optimal health. Your status of health and wellness is determined before initiating therapeutic regimens. This includes breast exams, a PAP and pelvic exam.

Intimacy and Sexual Health

Intimacy and sexual health can be compromised due to physical and emotional stressors in a woman’s life. We don’t have to just “live with it.”

Stress Management

Desire more balance in your day? Co-create with your practitioner a self-care plan combining a variety of modalities.

Cancer Care Extended

You deserve support to discuss and manage the physical and emotional symptoms associated with your cancer or the cancer of someone you love. Coordination with your cancer team is provided as needed.

Teen Health

Routine Gynecological care and beyond.

Medication Management

Review medications and provide adjunct therapies and on going management. Assess progress and adjust doses of medications and/or treatment every 3 months.

Exercise Counseling

Let’s get moving together! Literally! Plan to spend an hour with me. We’ll discuss your barriers to exercise and MOVE them right out of your way!

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition begins where you grocery shop.We will provide you with nutrition counseling at your cart! Plan to spend an hour with your provider grocery shopping at the store of your choice.